Observations Of An Amateur Housewife

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Scrappy Lampshade DIY

My 3rd trimester I kind of went into a "nesting" craze, fueled by Pinterest and moving into a new canvas house with all kinds of new rooms and empty walls to decorate. I do not recommend moving while pregnant. If it doesn't drive you insane, it will likely drive your husband insane.

The kids rooms were my main focus this summer, and Lily's room especially. 

After painting and curtains and everything, the room still needed something, some *bam* object that would tie in all the colors: aqua, pink, and white with pops of yellow and green and make them all make sense.

When I saw this lamp over at The Pleated Poppy, I knew it was perfect,  since I had a ton of scraps leftover from the throw quilt I made for her bed. 

So, I found a shade at St. Vincent's for a couple of bucks.  
I ripped it apart, much to the shock and dismay of my husband, who didn't know what I had planned. (You'd think he'd be used to me by now!) 
Then I tied and tied and tied and tied. And tied. I used all my scraps and it took forever.

But I love it! 

Cost of this Project: Approx $15
Shade: $4
Fabric for Shade: $0 (scraps)
Swag Lamp Kit: $10 at Home Depot
Fabric to cover the chain: $1 at Walmart

Go to The Pleated Poppy (linked above) for a full tutorial!