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Friday, March 18, 2011

On American Politics

On American Politics November 12, 2008

I have been playing with the idea of starting a blog, and tonight seemed like the perfect night to start. While reading an article about the current political situation, I was infuriated by a woman who called conservatives “air-headed Neo-Nazis” ,who will only vote for a president because he is Republican! She also said that Obama is a hero who wants to make our air cleaner for our poor children by bankrupting the coal industry. Well, I tried to ignore it, but inevitably wrote a rant in response.
Barbara, you will probably never see this. (At least, I’m kind of hoping you don’t.) But this blog is dedicated to you.
Dear Barbara:
I am not a “Neo-Nazi”. I am a right wing conservative Republican. My vote goes to McCain. Why? Not because he is a Republican. Not because I agree with all of his politics. Not because I am racist or rich. (I am actually part of the “lower class” Obama wants to “help.”)

My vote goes to McCain because I believe that AGE is not a deciding factor in leadership. Anyone who believes someone is too old to make decisions based solely on their age, is, in fact, a “Neo-Nazi”.
My vote goes to McCain because I believe that it is wrong to take things from people who have rightfully earned them, and give them to someone who not only has not worked for those things, but has no respect for them. Anyone who believes that is okay, has, in my opinion, the values of a “Neo-Nazi”.
Obama wants Americans to believe he is some kind of modern-day Robin Hood, stealing from the rich to feed the poor. What he really is, is a wannabe dictator, wanting to to turn America into a country of weak peasants, ready to obey his every wish in return for a scrap of bread.
My vote goes to McCain because any man who thinks it is perfectly fine and moral to tear a newborn baby to pieces for the sake of convenience, or science, is, in my opinion, a Neo-Nazi.
But mostly, my vote goes to McCain because I am a Christian mother. That’s right, I vote out of fear. Is it wrong to vote out of fear, as the left is Print Shutterfly 100declaring so loudly? I fear for my children. Fear that they will be forced to grow up in a country of “CHANGE” and false “HOPE”. Fear that they will be taken away from me because I haven’t put them in a public school to be brainwashed. Fear that they will not be permitted to pray out loud, talk about Jesus, or stand up for their beliefs or else they will be viewed as intolerant haters. Fear that they will not be able to grow up at all, because of the hatred of the “tolerant” left.
Change? What is so wrong with America that it needs to be changed? America is beautiful! In America, we are free! Free to run around outside on a beautiful sunny day, without worrying about bombs and explosions and terror. Free to worship in whatever church we choose, in whatever way we choose, in whatever religion we choose! Free to have a dream, work hard, make it come true, and share it, if we wish! Free to say what we want, write what we want, go where we want, wear what we want, work where we want, eat where we want, LIVE HOW WE WANT!
If you don’t like America, if you don’t like the way it’s run, if you don’t like the rich being rich, the poor being poor,the middle class being average, and everyone having the ability to be happy no matter their financial status, if you don’t like waking up every morning with the absolute privilege of being an American, if you don’t like being FREE, then leave! Please, just leave. Take your socialist, every-one-needs-to-think-like-me-or-go-to-prison ideas, and move to Russia, or China, or Cuba, and leave the rest of us here in our beautiful, opinionated, sometimes smoggy, FREE country.
Why am I voting for McCain? Because people who vote for Obama, are people like you, Barbara.
Maybe I’m just an idealistic American mom who lives in a dream world. But it sure is a nice place to live.

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