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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Trifle Epic Fail

Our church holds an annual Memorial Day Picnic on the Sunday beforehand.Its always a ton of fun. Pigs are roasted overnight, everyone brings a dish according to their last name, we listen to some great music from the talent in our church, and play games (or watch our kids play games) outside. There’s even a fishing tournament.

Whenever we bring a dish according to our last name, somehow I always end up in the dessert category. This is really ironic, because I cannot bake to save my life. The fact that I pulled off Lily’s rainbow birthday cake was a small miracle really. Being well aware of my limitations, I usually just buy something. 

This year, though, armed with all of my Pinterest “expertise” I thought I’d attempt to make something. A decorative patriotic trifle, pinned from Fancy Frugal Life looked easy enough. It didn’t even require baking!

60869032434040996_UvXW5Q3p_f (This picture comes from Fancy Frugal Life, you should definitely head over to her site to find lots of awesome ideas!)

Just cut some star shapes out of store-bought cake, squirt some whipped cream out of a can, add some fruit, and you’re done. Easy! Ummm, right. For normal people maybe. But if you are dessert-impaired like me, you will end up with sad little stars like this:
And after 15 minutes spent cutting out 7 stars, you will just take that cake and rip it into a bowl of cake chunks like this:
You will attempt to arrange it into pretty, decorative layers in spite of the shredded cake:
Then you will swallow your pride and take it to the picnic anyway, because after sampling it:
you know it tastes scrumptious.
So it was pretty much a fail in the presentation department, but at least it was a yummy one.
I had leftover ingredients, so I dumped it all together again the next day for our family cookout. It really made a perfect dessert after a big meal on a hot day: light, fluffy and fresh.
I will definitely be making it again this summer!


  1. I would of cheated using star cookie cutters....

    1. Aunt Jerri, that WAS with a cookie cutter...

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  3. Awwww, oh well, it made for a good blog post, right? And besides taste is really all that matters after people start serving it up anyways. =) I think it still looks good!

  4. hahaha...oh my. Well, I would have never attempted a dessert anyways. :) So, good job. I generally sign up for something like potato chips... lol

  5. My sister is so boring...I think it looks yummy. Just a suggestion for next time...Try making the layers all the way across so maybe only cut out the amount of stars you need for the edge and then crumble the cake like you did. Then place the stars around the edge where they can be seen and then layer inside so some of the layers show around the stars but the cake inside doesn't have to be stars! did that make sense? I don't know just a thought! :) if it was yummy that is all that matters! and at least you tried unlike someone else! :)

    1. Lol @ the sibling rivalry going on... thanks for the suggestions Renae! Maybe next time it'll come out a little nicer!

  6. Oh ha ha I think it's looks yummy! You are so cute :-) thanks for linking back and be sure to check out my post today where I just threw it all on a stick!

    1. The fruity kabobs are really cute!

  7. LOL! I wouldn't call THAT a fail!!! ...anyways, food photographers often do not use actual food products for their pix...