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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rainbow 6th Birthday

In the weeks leading up to her birthday, Lily was on quite a rainbow kick. Rainbow works of art were coming home from school almost every day.
So when I showed her all the gorgeous rainbow cakes popping up on Pinterest, she definitely wanted one for her birthday! I was happy to oblige…do you know how much fun it is to plan a rainbow party, even a small one? So much. That’s how much.
Her day started with a wake-up surprise hanging all over her room.
And a rainbow treat with breakfast.
Party guests this year we limited to family which kept the day stress-free. Bowling and playing outside with cousins made for an easy and enjoyable day!

Her favorite cake on my pinboards was a plain white one using skittles and marshmallows for the rainbow. Being the dessert-impaired person I am, I used the hardest-to-ruin least-complicated recipe I could find!

I used:
2 White Cake Mixes (Meijer Brand, because I’m cheap like that) (NO, I didn’t make it from scratch, are you kidding me???)

Food coloring in 6 colors of your choice

2 cans of Fluffy White Frosting

3 (or as many as you have) round cake pans (I did not actually have any cake pans, so I bought a set of 3 disposable ones for like 2 bucks, and they worked great).

Large Bag of Skittles


Directions: Mix the cake according to the package instructions. Divide equally into 6 bowls. With food coloring, create a different color in each bowl. Pour contents of each bowl into separate cake pans. Bake according to package instructions. When completely cool, carefully stack each layer, separating each layer with white frosting. Frost outside of cake and decorate as desired. And voila!

You have a very tall, and very impressive 6-layer cake!


This was actually VERY easy, even for me. It was time consuming, (3-4 hours) but worth it. The hardest part was frosting the sides--trying to hide the gaps in between each layer. And the best part? The look of surprise on everyone’s faces when I cut into it! Even my chef brother-in-law was impressed, AND didn’t know it was a cake mix! (way to go Meijer!)



We made the day a little more memorable by hanging some fun rainbow d├ęcor in the dining room.


The rainbow sky was created from crepe paper streamers and blue wrapping paper. It was supposed to cover the whole top half of the wall, but apparently the wrapping paper company thought $4 for 2 yards of paper was a fair price. :/
The birthday girl couldn’t have cared less about the skimpy wrapping paper though, she loved it all.


So did her brother.


Until he knocked the cake over…


Luckily, the candles had already been blown out, and everyone had already had some cake.


And even though I wish she would slow down a bit with this growing up business, I love knowing that her birthday was fun and memorable.

Anyone else made a rainbow cake or something similar? I’d love to hear about it!


  1. Oh I love how it all turned out! I did a rainbow party for my Lily also!! :)

    1. Thank you! Aw, you have a Lily too, how cool is that!

  2. Haha it makes me laugh that he knocked over the cake. It's such a pretty cake. =)
    And also, on a completely random side note - it's also making me laugh that on your blog ads are showing up (below) for me to "fly Delta to Montego Bay" (since we are taking a missions trip to Jamaica in 2 months and I have been using this computer to look up flights!) - your blog ads are stalking my user history ;P lol
    (I hate the fact that ads show up on MY blog and I can't see them, only other people can! And I'm not making any money off of them either! Grrr wordpress!)

    1. That stinks that you can't control your ads or make money off them! If it helps you feel any better, I don't make any money off the adsense ads either, lol.